Martha's Vineyard from Stamford or New York using Amtrak train and ferry

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2 for 1 fares
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$140 LCST
$173 UCST
$207 LCFT
$291 UCFT

Solo Fares

$222.00   LCST
$255.00   UCST
$294.00   LCFT
$378.00   UCFT

$664  LCST
$730  UCST
$798  LCFT
$966  UCFT


New York or Stamford to Martha's Vineyard by Amtrak Train & Ferry

Anyone wishing to travel from New York or Stamford by train to Martha's Vineyard must travel part-way by ferry.   Comfortable connections are provided between  Amtrak and the various Massachusetts ferry piers.  The cost of the connecting car and ferry services is included in your fare.  

Amtrak operates both Regional Trains (ST) and faster Acela trains (FT)--each type of train offers an upper (UC) and a lower (LC) class of service

Passengers traveling to Martha's Vineyard from  New York or Stamford can choose between coach and Business Class on Regional Trains.

Coach Class Seat

Short / medium-distance trains offer reserved coach seating featuring wide, comfortable reclining seats with ample legroom for your comfort. You'll find a fold-down tray, individual reading light and 120v electric outlets right at your seat.

Passengers traveling to Martha's Vineyard from  New York or Stamford can choose between Business Class and First Class on Acela trains.

Business Class

Business Class Seat

First Class Seat

First Class seating accommodations are exclusively available on Acela Express. First Class passengers enjoy premium amenities, complimentary onboard food and beverage services and receive privileged access to ClubAcela lounges in Boston South Station, New York Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th Street Station and Washington, DC Union Station.

Roomy, Comfortable Seating

While in First Class, you'll relax in spacious one-by-two seating. All of our seats have adjustable headrests, lumbar support and movable arm and footrests. There are also extra-large tray tables where you can spread out and handy individual AC outlets to power up your device.

Acela Express First Class passengers have complementary unlimited access to premium news content and some of our nation's finest digital newspapers via AmtrakConnect.

New York and Stamford to Martha’s Vineyard  

Summer (May 26-Oct. 09, 2017}


New York   Stamford    Oak Bluffs    Monday through Friday

    leave         leave           arrive         


  2:40am      3:25am        9:35am        

  2:40am      3:25am       10:00am                

  6:20am      7:04am       12:30pm                

  6:55am      7:44am         2:05pm    

  8:03am      8:48am        2:05pm     

  8:30am      9:18am        2:25pm         

10:03am    10:43am        3:40pm

11:00am    11:48am        5:30pm                

12:03pm    12:43pm        6:35pm              

12:30pm      1:18pm        6:35pm                

  1:03pm      1:43pm        8:00pm             

  3:00pm      3:45pm        8:35pm

  4:00pm                            9:35pm     

  5:00pm      5:48pm       10:30pm 

  6:00pm      6:47pm       11:35pm

  7:00pm      7:45pm       12:35am



New York   Stamford    Oak Bluffs     Saturday  through Sunday

    leave          leave          arrive         


  2:40am      3:25am        9:35am        

  2:40am      3:25am      10:00am                               

  7:00am      7:44am        2:05pm    

  8:00am      8:43am        2:05pm     

10:00am    10:48am       3:35pm

11:08am    11:48am       5:05pm              

  2:00pm      2:48pm        8:00pm    Saturday only   

  2:03pm      2:48pm        8:00pm    Sunday only

  4:03pm      4:48pm         9:35pm    

  5:03pm      5:48pm       10:35pm    Sunday only

  6:03pm      6:48pm       11:35pm    Sunday only

  7:03pm      7:48pm       12:35am    Sunday only



Oak Bluffs      Stamford     New York      Saturday through Sunday

    leave            arrive          arrive             

   3:00am         9:56am      10:50am      

   4:00am         9:00am        9:45am        Saturday only

   6:00amV     11:56am      12:45pm       Saturday only

   9:40am         2:58pm        3:50pm    

 10:15am         3:06pm        3:46pm         Sunday only

 11:05am         3:58pm        4:45pm         Sunday only

 11:05am         4:58pm        6:05pm

 12:45pm         5:59pm        6:45pm         Sunday only

 12:45pm         6:33pm        7:20pm

   2:15pm         6:58pm        7:45pm         Sunday only

   3 15pm          7 58pm        8:45pm         Sunday only

   3:15pm         8:04pm        8:50pm         Saturday only

   5:45pm         1:21am*      2:15am* 

   6:45pm         1:21am*      2:15am*


Oak Bluffs     Stamford    New York      Monday through Friday

    leave           arrive          arrive             

 4:30am         9:52am      10:45am

 6:30am       11:29am     12:20pm

 7:45am       12:58pm       1:48pm       

 9:00am          1:57pm       2:45pm       

 9:00am          2:28pm      3:16pm      

10:15am         2:57pm      3:45pm    

11:05am         4:58pm       6:00pm      

11:15am         4:58pm       6:00pm      

12:45pm         5:59pm       6:45pm

12:45pm         6:33pm       7:26pm

  2:30pm         7:01pm       7:45pm   

  3 15pm         8 04pm       8:50pm       

  3:45pm         8:04pm       8:50pm     

  5:00pm         9:59pm     10:50pm 

  5:45pm         1:21am*     2:15am* 

  6:45pm         1:21am*     2:15am*

Six different passenger ferry services operate from Massachusetts ports to Martha's Vineyard:


Quickwater (crossing time--25 minutes)--this old boat carries newspapers, parcels, and commuters to Martha's Vineyard.  With the fastest crossing to Martha's Vineyard,  Quickwater has no amenities on board.  This boat can fly though.  Seats are not reserved.


Island Queen (crossing time--35 minutes}-traditional passenger ferry.  Snack bar on board.  Summer only.  Seats are not reserved.


Night Ferry (crossing time--35 minutes)--What do you do with a fleet of recreational fishing boats when it is too dark to see the fish?  You run a night ferry.  No amenities on board.  Reservations required.


Lady Martha (crossing time--55 minutes)--high-speed catamaran passenger ferry.  Snack bar on board.  Summer only.  Connects to Cape Flyer for passengers traveling from Martha's Vineyard to Boston.  Reservations required.


Seastreak (crossing time--60 minutes)--high-speed catamaran passenger ferry.  Snack bar on board.  Summer only.  Reservations required.