Cleveland and Buffalo to Montreal

Montreal by Train and Car to Cleveland and Buffalo

For reservations call:

800-457-3549 11am to 9pm EDT


812-935-7960 other hours


or email us at:




Our reservation bureau will be closed for winter holiday until February 15.

 Buffalo           Montreal      Friend
  leave               arrive         Fare
 5:00am          2:30pm     $188,00    Daily
 7:10am          5:07pm     $188.00    Daily
10:00am         8:20pm     $188.00    Daily 
12:10pm         9:37pm     $188.00   Sunday thru Friday
 Montreal        Buffalo
   leave            arrive
  6:45am       4:10pm       $188.00    Mondsy thru Saturday
10:10am       7:30pm       $188.00    Daily
11:50am       8:45pm       $188.00    Daily
  3:40pm       1:10am       $188.00    Saturday thru Sunday
  5:00pm       2:10am       $188.00    Sunday thru Friday
Cleveland       Montreal       
    leave            arrive          
  5:50am       9:38pm     $218.00    Sunday thru Friday


Montreal          Cleveland
   leave               arrive 
11:50am         3:27am   $218.00    Daily
Fares shown are one-way and are the lowest fare possible per person for each schedule.  Friend Fares require two people to travel together. Fares are in United States Dollars qnd based on a BBR of 1.00 with the Canadian Dollar.  Fares are only approximate as your credit card company may use a different exchange rate and charge you currency exchange fees.  Fares are higher for popular departures and for bookings made fewer than 5 days prior to the date of departure