Train and Ferry between Boston and Nantucket

For reservations call:

800-457-3549 11am to 9pm EDT

812-935-7960 other hours

or email us at:



                                       Discount Fares

How low can they go?

2 for 1 fares
(per person)

$123 COMM
$121 LCST
$136 UCST
$152 LCFT
$180 UCFT

Solo Fares

$193.00   COMM
$191.00   LCST
$206.00   UCST
$227.00   LCFT
$255.00   UCFT


$246  COMM
$356  LCST
$386  UCST
$418  LCFT
$474  UCFT

Anyone wishing to travel from Boston by train to Nantucket must travel part-way by ferry.   Comfortable connections are provided between the Amtrak and MBTA train stations and the various Massachusetts ferry piers.  The cost of the connecting car and ferry services is included in your fare.  

Amtrak operates both Regional Trains (ST) and faster Acela trains (FT)--each type of train offers an upper (UC) and a lower (LC) class of service..  Passengers traveling to Nantucket from  Boston can choose between coach and Business Class on Regional Trains and between Business Class and First Class on Acela trains.  Boston passengers headed to Nantucket can also opt for unreserved coach class on MBTA local trains.

NEW!!!   Now departures with all-reserved seats are available. You no longer need be concerned about standing room only on trains to the Cape.  Just look for the schedules marked "All Reserved Seats".

Service is now also available from Back Bay.

Boston to Nantucket    Summer (May 18-Oct. 11, 2016)


   Boston         Boston    Nantucket      Monday through Friday

    South         Back Bay 

   Station         Station

    Leave           Leave          Arrive

  6:10am        6:15am         9:55am    Friday only  &  All Reserved Seats

  6:35am                             10.30am

  7:15am        7:20am       11:10am    not Friday  &  All Reserved Seats

  7:15am        7:20am         1:10pm    % #  All Reserved Seats

  8:56am                             12:15pm   

  9:30am        9:35am         2:05pm    Friday only  All Reserved Seats

  9:57am                               1:35pm

11:57am                              3:20pm

12:10pm      12:15pm        5:00pm    %  All Reserved Seats

12:25pm                              4:15pm    

  1:40pm        1:45pm        5:35pm    not Friday  All Reserved Seats

  2:10pm                              5:10pm    &

  2:47pm                              6:40pm

  3:10pm        3:15pm        6:40pm    Friday only  &  All Reserved Seats

  5:38pm                              9:00pm


Nantucket       Boston       Boston  Monday through Friday

                             Back          South

                              Bay          Station

   Leave              Arrive         Arrive

    7:45am                             11:46am

    9:55am                               2:01pm

  10:05am           1:34pm      1:40pm     Friday only  All Reserved Seats

  10:30am           3:36pm      3:42pm     %  All Reserved Seats

  11:00am                               2:06pm

  11:25am           3:09pm      3:15pm     Not on Friday  &  All Reserved Seats

  12:45pm                               4:24pm

    1:30pm           6:25pm      6:30pm     %  #  All Reserved Seats

    2:15pm                               6:06pm

    2:15pm           6:25pm      6:30pm     Friday only  &  All Reserved Seats

    4:15pm                               7:28pm

    5:15pm                               8:45pm

    5:45pm                               8:45pm     &

    5:50pm           9:34pm      9:40pm     not on Friday  &  All Reserved Seats

    6:55pm         10:35pm    10:42pm     Friday only  &  All Reserved Seats

    7:00pm                             10:22pm


Boston to Nantucket    Summer (May 18-Oct. 11, 2016)

   Boston    Boston  Nantucket      Saturday through Sunday

    South        Back   

   Station        Bay  

    Leave       Leave       Arrive

  6:40am     6:45am       1:10pm   % #  All Reserved Seats

  8:40am                        12.15pm

  9:40am     9:45am       2:05pm    &  All Reserved Seats

10:05am                          1:35pm 

11:40am   11:45am      5:00pm   %  All Reserved Seats

11:47am                          3:20pm

12:34pm                          4:45pm     not &

  1:40pm      1:45pm      6:40pm     Saturday only  &  All Reserved Seats

  2:00pm                          5:10pm     & 

  3:10pm      3:15pm      6:40pm     Sunday only  &  All Reserved Seats

  3:35pm                          6:40pm

  5:40pm                          9:00pm  



Nantucket        Boston    Boston     Saturday through Sunday

                              Back       South

                               Bay       Station

    Leave             Arrive        Arrive

    7:45am                             11:04am

    9:55am                               1:40pm  

  10:05am           2:13pm      2:20pm      All Reserved Seats

  10:30am           3:41pm      3:47pm      %  All Reserved Seats

  11:00am                               2:19pm    

  12:45pm                               4:32pm

    2:15pm           6:10pm      6:16pm       Saturday only  &  All Reserved Seats

    2:15pm           7:14pm      7:20pm       Sunday only  &  All Reserved Seats

    2:15pm                               7:51pm

    6:55pm          10:41pm   10:46pm      Sunday only  All Reserved Seats

    6:55pm          11:20pm   11:26pm      Saturday only &  All Reserved Seats

    7:00pm                              10:18pm 

&--not 9/6 through 10/11

%--not 5/18 through 5/26 and 9/5 through 10/11

#--not 6/1 through 6/24