Cleveland to Toronto and Niagara Falls in Canada

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Niagara Falls and Toronto by Train and Car to Cleveland and Buffalo

 Buffalo         Toronto        Friend
 Depew           Union           Fare
  leave            arrive           
 5:00am        8:25am        $71      Monday thru Friday
 7:10am      11:11am        $71      Daily
10:00am       2:10pm        $71      Daily  {runs one hour earlier Monday thru Friday}
12:10pm       4:01pm        $71      Daily  {arrives 28 minutes later Monday thru Friday}
3:10pm       7:42pm        $52      Daily
 Toronto          Buffalo
   Union            Depew
   leave             arrive
   8:20am      1:31pm     $52      Daily
12:43pm         4:10pm     $71      Daily
   4:10pm        7:30pm     $71      Daily  {runs 33 minutes later Saturday & Sunday}
   5:45pm        8:45pm     $71      Daily
   9:43pm        1:10am     $71      Saturday thru Sunday
10:43pm         2:10am     $71      Daily
Cleveland         Toronto      
    leave              arrive                
  5:50am        3:11pm    $100
  5:50am        7:42pm    $  81


Toronto        Cleveland

  leave             arrive
 8:20am       3:27am      $  81
 5:45pm       3:27am      $100

Cleveland    Niagara Falls         
    leave            arrive                 
  5:50am       10:45am     $  79
  5:50am       4:45pm     $  53



 Niagara Falls  Cleveland
       leave           arrive
  10:18am      3:27am    $  53
     8:30pm       3:27am    $  79
Fares shown are one-way and are the lowest fare possible per person for each schedule.  Friend Fares require two people to travel together.  Fares are higher for popular departures and for bookings made fewer than 14 days prior to the date of departure