Albany Salem and Portland Oregon to Friday Harbor and Orcas Island

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 Discount Fares

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2 for 1 fares
(per person)

$61   Coach
$85   Business Class

SOLO Fares

$88   Coach
$112   Business Class

Discount fares shown are one-way and are the lowest adult fare per person possible for each schedule.  2 for 1 Fares require two people to travel together.  Fares are higher for popular departures. northbound departures, and for bookings made fewer than 14 days prior to the date of departure.

Taking the Train from Oregon to Friday Harbor and Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands

Anyone wishing to travel from Portland, Salem. Albany, or Eugene by train to Friday Harbor or Orcas must travel part-way by ferry.   Convenient connections are provided between  Amtrak and the San Juan Islands ferry piers.  The cost of the connecting car and ferry services is included in your fare.  

Amtrak Cascades trains offer an upper and a lower class of service. Passengers traveling to Orcas or Friday Harbor from  Portland, Salem. Albany, or Eugene can choose between coach and  the even more comfortable Business Class.  Plenty of room to stretch your legs and stroll down to the Bistro car for food and beverages.  Food and drink are also available on board the ferries to Friday Harbor, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw



Spring    4/2/17-6/24/17

Summer 6/25/17-9/30/17



Season dates are determined by Washington State Ferries and become publicly available about one month prior to commencement 

Getting to Orcas Island and Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands by train and ferry

Eugene to the San Juan Islands by train and ferry
Albany to the San Juan Islands by train and ferry
Salem to the San Juan Islands by train and ferry
Portland to the San Juan Islands by train and ferry



Eugene               5:30AM       5:30AM        8:25AM       9:00AM   11:40AM

Albany                6:13AM       6:20AM        9:20AM       9:43AM   12:35PM

Salem                 6:42AM       6:55AM      10:00AM     10:12AM     1:05PM
Portland             8:20AM       8:20AM      12:00NO      12:00NO    2:50PM
Lopez                 5:50PM        5:50PM        9:50PM        9:50PM   12:00MI
Orcas                 4:50PM        4:50PM        8:25PM        8:25PM   12:30AM*
Friday Harbor    5:50PM        5:50PM        9:25PM        9:25PM     1:10AM*





Eugene                5:30AM    5:30AM    8:25AM    9:00AM  11:40AM

Albany                 6:13AM    6:20AM    9:20AM    9:43AM  12:35PM

Salem                  6:42AM   6:55AM   10:00AM  10:12AM   1:05PM

Portland              8:20AM    8:20AM   12:00NO  12:00NO   2:50PM

Anacortes            2:55PM    2:55PM     7:19PM    7:19PM   9:27PM

Lopez                   5:20PM    5:20PM     9:15PM    9:15PM 11:25PM

Orcas                   4:45PM    4:45PM     9:55PM    9:55PM 11:55PM

Friday Harbor      3:45PM    3:45PM     9:45PM    9:45PM 12:35AM*

 Reverse Portland Oregon to Friday Harbor and Orcas by train and ferry

SUMMER             DAILY        DAILY        DAILY


Friday Harbor      5:45AM     8:05AM   11:00AM

Orcas                                    8:50AM   12:05PM
Lopez                  6:25AM     7:15AM   10:45AM
Portland              3:05PM     5:50PM      9:45PM
Salem                  4:45PM    7:12PM     11:20PM
Albany                 5:20PM    7:41PM     11:59PM
Eugene                6:10PM    8:40PM    12:50AM*




Friday Harbor      5:45AM      8:05AM    11:35AM

Orcas                                    8:45AM    12:25PM
Lopez                  6:30AM      9:30AM      1:35PM
Anacortes           8:02AM     11:10AM      2:45PM    
Portland             3:05PM       5:50PM      9:45PM
Salem                 4:45PM       7:11PM    11:20PM
Albany                5:20PM       7:40PM    11:59PM
Eugene               6:10PM       8:40PM    12:50AM*